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Undefined yet audible can usually describe my current work. I like to work outside of the bounds of the everyday. Choosing to focus on more uneasy or unconventional subject matter or composition. A redefined and reinvented truth is a cyclical cycle for me. Inspirations lead me to new ideas, practices or mediums. I’m not one to want to be defined if I can avoid it, and so with that comes the ability to submit to my constant evolving state of mind.

My work is a simple side effect of the worlds influence on me. A mimic and response to my environment one year at a time.


With boundless amounts of love for all things inspirational and a curiousity about anything and everything, multiple interests and abilities; long term humbled being, a big laugh, total voyeur, photography, fine art, film, music and musical history, skateboarding as art, computer science, desktop publishing and digital arts, antiquity of all kinds, animals and life, real estate, righteous and wicked, tried and true, pride and character, a smile for all of you.