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June 22, 2006


Bob Loftin

Toni and I have seen the entire 5 films of the Cremaster Cycle. Saw it over a 3 day period at the Dobie Mall cinema, in Austin. Super cool and weird, and requires some endurance. Like watching/experiencing a weird dream. We also have the nice Cremaster Cycle book.


thats awesome that youve seen all of them. the book is killer, i love those images. the new film is really interesting, it's a really odd concept to use a whaling metaphor in such a high climate of activism and opposition around that.

greetings from garlington

it is always refreshing to get your take on things.
i also saw the show and well you just have to see the show and make up your own mind.
i have a place for you in my new book of fairy tales, so one of these days coming up real soon i will need you.
you will love it.
you can write your story aswell.
this will all make sence soon enough.
i miss you as always and hope the summers treating you well.
your friend

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