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August 18, 2006



It's all about pheromones. Your soul either smells good or stinks like ass. It's your internal nose that smells what you can't and determines what others smell in you. My internal nose says you smell like baked chicken. Luciano smells like a new pair of Vans in the box. James smells like a garden gnome. Andrew smells like victory. Robbie smelled like a pirate if I remember correctly. Bob smells like an old man, but that may just be coincidental.

My internal nose sometimes smells myself and it smells like the scent of my PDs after being shoved in my bag right after a session, left in the sun, then opened like a sinus surprise. That's when I take a bath.


I've noticed that I've started to smell like aftershave, but only to myself. Thing is, I don't wear any aftershave. Weird.


i remember warren smelled like talckum powder (his favorite movie...), james smelled like pizza, drew smelled like the inside of his soccer bag only after a shower. and yes robbie did smell like a pirate! bob, i don't remember what you smelled like, but i remember your car smelled like old shoes...


That was the smell of victory.



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