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January 07, 2007


mike Garlington

yo man i miss you so
it is time for you to pack an over night bag and head up to my new ranch in valley ford
you must see the whale i am building fotr the fairy tale book
it is really big i have the space finally to work on the really big stuff
so there is no exuse
get up here
11395 valley ford road
map quest it
get up here
see my gallerey
the farm house is big with spare room for the artist in res.
that you
how dare you not take the time to come see old mike
see what im doin
see the fairy tales be one of them
the time is now
before i go back to the weekly grind of teaching at the a.o.a
you really must be a part of this
your friend for ever
mike garlington


it's always strange when that time comes and you never know when or where it's going to happen. so cherish and savor the moments you have together when they're happening and never let go of the memories once it's gone.

thinking of you and fond memories.



Well written article.

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