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Mike Garlington "how dare you!"

Mike Garlington "how dare you!"

Song for Mike Garlington

Well bob dylan wrote propaganda songs and mike garlington asks but only for your soul

From the gutter to the streets layin 5 dollar bets on who’s afraid of our mortality and drunks wallow in their graves and all the while the pretty girls swoon and holler like song birds in their cages gasping for air and Triaminic bottles spill the sappy grease that leaves us slurping for more of a good thing in life that has no knowledge of your bank account cuase we’re all bankrupt on sellin’ our tired and hungry our huddle masses have no place to sleep in the cities of cold and wired degenerate ex-lovers and keepers of the county’s best kept secrets to have and to hold in sickness and in stealth with the body of Christ oh! Mell Gibson how could you! leave us now before we all fall asleep in her armchair with camel lights on in the trailer and gas burns on the sleeves of the cusp of adventure these gray and tired old nags happy and sad for their favorite football themed horse radish it’s got more of what you want then you ever depended on until now you give up in hope and die awake sleeping how could we be mad it all hurts in the end if your careful she’ll please you, how lovely to finally meet you by the way I'm not mad if I had it to do over I would be happy to probably just shoot you

Way down in your soul where you’ll never ever go,

Sasha! down on my knees...