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Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey

Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey

Bethany - leader of the Controversial Bethany experiment

If this gorgeous gal approaches you in the bar with the line “I saw you over there, and you looked at me”…or “Hey, I got some beer out in my truck”…You should probably engage her, because you might have a great existential discussion on her tailgate about; little known cult leaders (with long hair), Metal music, Government mind control, Alien Abduction, H.E.B., her favorite place to write poetry on napkins, or “lady of the lake” stories. Any of which might provoke her to belt out her finest Sinatra which in turn will cause you to become a silly putty comic transfer in her hands and then you will be in trouble… You will be melded into a pliable mass, and be assimilated by her psyche and become her worker drone, (then you will be forced to file her disclosure packets, and talk to the escrow coordinator at the other Keller Williams that no one likes)…. Oh! And she looks great in a Cowboy Hat!..