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Tiffany Paige

Tiffany Paige

All these years, a truly amazing friend, she is with out a doubt one of the most vivacious and talented women I’ve ever known. Her unmitigated passion and love for all things creative is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. A formidable adversary at any in-depth discussion, she can sway your entire stance out from under you and have you eating from her palms, the way a hungry dog laps from its master’s hand and begs for more. Yes, she is a renaissance woman, truly a work of modern social art. And she's really, really sweet too....

Tiffany and I have a lot of history together, since we were teenagers. I remember knowing really early on that somehow we had this strange link to each other. I’m not sure how mystical I want to take it but we shared something and the result is an unbreakable bond. She is one of the only people left in my life that I don’t have to worry about understanding me. I really love her.