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I’ve been asked many times to put together a showing of all the past work I’ve accumulated over the years. I never felt much validity to any of it until this year, I guess I’m finally at that moment in time when you realize “this was our youth”. And old enough now to see it with any real significance and not just as a box of memories.

When we were young I was kind of the unofficial documenter of our lives. This is a small sampling of those moments. Friends of old, near and dear and some lost now to the ravages of time and the specter of the all to inevitable early end.

Friends, this is a retrospective of our lives. It is for you, it’s who we were, are and continue to be. Inside all of us is a burning fire that will never go out. We remember, feel and smell where we came from. Some of us are still here and some have fallen, This is you and this is me, frozen for an instant in time to be viewed at a later date.

here's to you all - and as always, to Jeff Phillips...